Wendy Hebert

Wendy Hebert


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Wendy Hebert, RN, BSN

Instructor, Certified Nursing Assistant Program

Ms. Hebert is a certified Registered Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, and has her bachelors degree in Nursing.  She has worked as staff nurse, Clinical Coordinator, and Nursing Supervisor in Obstetrics, Emergency Room, Medical Surgical areas for 12 years. She has been teaching for five years and is currently enrolled in the Master's of Nursing Education program at St. Joseph's College of Maine.  Following are Mrs. Hebert's thoughts about the C.N.A. program at Region 9 and the healthcare industry:

What is your teaching philosophy? My philosophy is that it is important to create a challenging learning environment for the students to foster their growth and help them to realize the potentials that lie within them as often times they do not know how much they can accomplish with hard work and effort. I urge my students to break free from the restraints of "the box" and explore the millions of opportunities available to them. Work ethics are important to me as well and I try to instill that into my students as well because learning good work ethics now will shape their future experiences in a positive way.

What type of job potential is there in the health care industry? There is abundant opportunity in the health care industry as a whole. This program can be a stepping stone to a multitude of health care careers across the industry not just nursing in and of itself. This program also provides students with a tangible skill for employment opportunity immediately following program. Students entering into post-secondary education can also utilize this certification as a way for meaningful employment while attending college and as a way to gain more opportunity and learning experiences pertinent to their program of study.

What does it take to be successful in the health care industry? To be successful in the health care industry one must possess a variety of characteristics including but not limited to:

  • a genuine concern for the well being of others
  • dependability
  • honesty
  • good attitude
  • strong ethics
  • teamwork skills

Also extremely important to this industry is the ability to work independently and possess time management skills. Critical thinking skills are also vital.

What type of curriculum does the Certified Nursing Assistant program cover? History of health care · Medical Ethics · Communication skills · Medical Terminology · Anatomy and Physiology · Infection Control · Safety · Growth and Development · Death and Dying · Patient Care Skills and Theory · Nutrition · Emergency Care/ First Aid

How would you describe the Certified Nursing Assistant program?  It is an intensive one-year program recommended for any 11th or 12th grade students with an interest in a career within the healthcare industry. The real life interactions with patients, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology give you the opportunity to experience the healthcare setting. Students apply their skills in the clinical setting at a number of places including Rumford Community Home, Rumford Hospital and others. Upon passing the Maine State Nursing Assistant Competency Exam, students can work as CNA's in a variety of settings. Students can use this experience as a stepping stone to continue their education for degrees in Medical Assisting, Nursing, Radiology, PT/OT, EMT, Medical Transcription, Pre-Med and many more. Also it is important to me to stress that if a student takes this course but has no desire for the health care fields in their future they are still gaining valuable skills such as communication skills, work ethics, people skills and self evaluation skills. These skills are important to any chosen path in life.

What do you feel students enjoy in your course? I feel that students enjoy this program because they are participating in an effort to make a difference in the lives of the people we care for. These are real events that they can equate tangible rewards to and feel good about all while learning academia.  I am proud of all of my students because they have all earned their grades and certifications through hard work, determination, and strong wills. I am honored to be a part of their accomplishments and wish all my students well no matter what paths they choose.