Norman Jamison

Norman Jamison

Employability Skills

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Name: Norm Jamison

Position: Instructor, Employability Skills Program

Mr. Jamison spent many years in the construction field and 8 years as Building Trades instructor before becoming an instructor of Employability Skills. He has taught for 16 years total and shares some of his thoughts on teaching and the Employability Skills program below:

What do you enjoy most about teaching? In the Employability Skills setting my main focus is work ethics and career exploration. I love working with students because I once was in their shoes. I like to get them excited about work and to see them gain confidence in themselves.

What are your thoughts about the various industries and programs Employability Skills students may enter? I believe entry level jobs are available. Our students do job sites as part of their program. A lot of them end up with summer employment and many with permanent jobs.  Our students really enjoy the different types of projects we do and the job sites really impact them of what is out there in the real world.

Character Traits it takes to be successful in these industries or programs:

  • Strong work ethics
  • Positive attitude
  • Great attendance

What type of curriculum does the Employability Skills program cover? Our curriculum is based around state wide standards and is composed of a variety of projects and activities to meet the current work force needs. It is designed to get students ready for the work force and introduce them to a variety of trades.