Jon Longley

Jon Longley

Fire Science

Fax: (207) 364-2074

Name: Jon Longley

Position: Instructor, Fire Science

Mr. Longley brings twenty-six years of experience in the Fire Service and twenty-two years of teaching experience in public education to his position of Fire Science Instructor at Region 9. He holds a Masters Degree in Technology in Education and has both his Fire Instructor I and II certifications. Following are some thoughts from Mr. Longley about his teaching and the field of Fire Service:

What is your teaching philosophy? I believe everyone has a gift to share and learning should take place daily. Teaching and Fire/Rescue share a common bond: each day is unpredictable, exciting, and rewarding. I want to be considered by my students as firm but fair, and I expect everyone to lead by example.

What are your thoughts about the Fire/Rescue field and job potential? Candidates interested in a career in fire fighting stand an excellent chance at job placement due to the continued aging of our current fire service members.

What character traits does it take to be successful in the Fire/Rescue industry?

  • Honest and hardworking
  • Dependable
  • Loyal,
  • Deep sense of pride and accomplishment
  • Willing to give 110%, because 100% is not always enough
  • Ability to care for others

What type of curriculum do you cover in the Fire Science program? The Fire Science program at Region 9 covers all requisites to become a firefighter, both in knowledge base as well as practical skills (JPR's) Job Performance Requirements. Currently the program uses the Jones and Barlett Fire Fighter Skills I & II, supplemented by Fire Engineering's Fire Fighter I & II.

What do you feel students enjoy in your course/makes a significant impact on them? If my students were polled, I believe many would say they enjoy my class because I participate with them.