Jennifer Barlow

Jennifer Barlow

Employability Skills

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Name: Jennifer Robbins Barlow

Position: Instructor, Employability Skills

Mrs. Barlow has had a variety of work and educational experiences that have prepared her for teaching in the Employability Skills program.  She worked as an Ed Tech for 13 years in the Special Education program and also was a Transition Coordinator for 8 years, which involved working with several schools in preparing students for work or college after high school school. In addition, she spent time in other areas of the work force when she worked as an Administrative Assistant in a law office, cashier/clerk at many convenience stores, and currently is a Certified Nursing Assistant and currently holds her bus drivers license. Mrs. Barlow  currently holds an Associates Degree from Thomas College in Executive Secretarial and is currently completing a Bachelors Degree through USM in Applied Technology. Following are some of Mrs. Barlow's thoughts about the Diversified Occupations program:

What do you think is important for people to know about you as a teacher? I feel that every student can learn. We just need to help them along the way. I am very excited about teaching and learning from students. There is not a day that goes by that I do not learn something from my students. I am excited to share what I know with them also.

What type of curriculum does the Employability Skills program follow? We have developed our curriculum around the adopted statewide standards using a variety of methods, materials and media. We have worked with other schools that have the same program and tweaked it to fit our students needs and is also based around individual student's IEPs. The main focus of the curriculum is on preparing students for entry level work using a variety of mediums, methods and instructional strategies.

What do you feel students enjoy in your course?  Our program is mostly hands-on and everything we do the students are able to immediately apply to their lives. After successful completion of our program, students are able to obtain a job from the employer that was able to host them on a job site.

What is the job potential for students leaving your program? Most of our students are able to get entry level jobs as we are really trying to build or instill in students good work ethics, like showing up on time, being prepared, being efficient, taking responsibility, having a good attitude. Students are prepared for entry level work in carpentry, food service, retail, and automobile reconditioning.

Character Traits it takes to be successful in your industry:

  • Good Attitude
  • Good Work Ethics
  • Showing Up for Work