Eddy Naples

Eddy Naples

CDL Truck Driving

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Name: Eddy Naples

Position: Instructor, CDL/Truck Driving Program

Mr. Naples has been teaching for over twenty-five years.  He was also a truck driver for over eight years, and understands the Truck Driving industry.  Mr. Naples has his Bachelors of Arts degree in Education and also was a member of the National Guard.  Following are some of Mr. Naples thoughts about the Truck Driving industry:

What is your teaching philosophy?  My goal is to help students develop their skills in Truck Driving.  The student will be able to work in an environment that will help them learn at whatever level they are at. Truck Driving offers students an opportunity to bring their truck driving skills into reality. 

Please share your thoughts about the Truck Driving industry & job potential? The Truck Driving industry will always be with us.  Companies are developing new ways to make the job more user-friendly. In light of the current recession, Truck Driving jobs will always be there due to the age of the current workforce and driver attrition/job turnover. Jobs are available in many different fields.  Having a CDL can help a person move ahead in their career.

What does the Truck Driving curriculum cover?  The curriculum is based on an industry standard along with personal updates to enhance the learning experience. The curriculum covers yard, road, non-road activities, emergency activities and preventative maintenance.

What character traits does it take to be successful in the Truck Driving industry?

  • Physical ability to load and unload a truck
  • Good critical thinking skills when driving through new environments
  • Math skills to prepare log book and calculate loads
  • Map reading skills
  • Computer skills