Deborah Nokes

Deborah Nokes

Culinary Arts

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Mrs. Nokes has had a variety of work and educational experiences that have prepared her for teaching in the Culinary Arts program.  She has 14 years experience in the culinary field as a Restaurant Owner/Chef, Catering Company Owner/Chef, Kitchen Manager, and Culinary Instructor. In addition, she spent time in other areas of the work force when she worked as an Office Administrator at Region 9, a Customer Service Manager at Verizon for over 10 years prior to moving to Maine. She also worked with area youth in her family business where she and her husband facilitated a junior bowling program that at one time included over 120 area youth. Mrs. Nokes is currently working on furthering her  education at EMCC. The following are some of Mrs. Nokes’ thoughts about the Culinary Arts program:


What do you think is important for people to know about you as a teacher? I feel that every day is a day to impact student lives and their educational journey in a positive way. We  need to help them along their way. I am very excited about teaching! I am passionate about all things culinary and am very excited to share what I know with them.


What type of curriculum does the Culinary Arts program follow? We are building our curriculum around the adopted statewide standards using a variety of methods, materials and media. The American Culinary Federation standards will be taught along with ServSafe, a nationally recognized certification from the National Restaurant Association. The curriculum includes food planning and preparation, technical aspects of owning and operating a restaurant, catering and other related skills. Students learn preparation and presentation of appetizers, salads, soups, desserts, pastries, meats, vegetables, and entrees. Menu planning, purchasing, and customer service are also part of the program.


What do you feel students enjoy in your course?  Our program is an invitation to express yourself and your creativity. They truly enjoy learning new skills and seeing those skills come to life in the dishes that they create.

What is the job potential for students leaving your program? There are few borders to where a culinary career can lead you. This course is not only designed to please the palate, but also teaches skills that will take you a long way in the hospitality field. The field of Culinary Arts is going through a rebirth period that has contributed to heavy growth and new and exciting job opportunities within the restaurant and hospitality field.  Secondary education opportunities for chefs are at an all time high and are very accessible for all students.  Local, national, and global statistics for growth within the field of culinary arts are all above the average for growth in all employment sectors.