Forestry/Wood Harvesting

 Forestry/Wood Harvesting/Heavy Equipment

Students will learn basic forestry skills, as well as heavy equipment operation, maintenance and mechanics. After completing the two-year program, students will have the opportunity to earn a Certified Logging Professional Certificate and may be eligible for credit at some post-secondary technical schools.Recommended for Juniors and Seniors.

Wood Harvesting I (A Day)

The students who successfully complete year one will be able to: identify common trees, maintain and operate a chainsaw, skidder, crawler, and pulp loader; properly fell a tree; estimate timber stand volume; and scale logs. Students will also have the opportunity to earn First Aid and PR Certifications.

Wood Harvesting II (B Day)

Students must have successfully completed first year of program. The course will continue from the first year to provide the opportunity to learn the safe and proper methods of maintaining equipment related to the forestry industry. Students will have experience working on small engines including maintenance, diagnosis, and repair heavy equipment.  Starting with the simulator, students will learn the operation of a tree processor and forwarder.  Students will have the opportunity to obtain CDL Class A or B licenses, and sit for the Certified Logging Professional certification examination.  Recommended for juniors and seniors.