Commercial Drivers License

This is a multi-level truck drivers preparation program that trains students on a step-by-step basis to complete written and skill test with the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Students are prepared to earn Class B and/or Class A Commercial Drivers License with endorsements for Tank and Air Brakes.  Students will also receive a 3 point credit on their drivers license for a defensive driving course.

Students should have mechanical aptitude and ability.  Basic math is essential and students should be able to read, write, and interpret instructions.   Classroom instruction is 1:00-3:00 p.m., plus driving time.

High School Students

Class B course is a 10-week class.  Class B training emphasizes the safe operation of dump and delivery trucks.  Topics include:  behind the wheel safety, navigation in various weather conditions and terrain, basic control, hazard perception, and vehicle systems.  Students are required to have a drug test and have a valid class C Maine driver’s license with experience on a manual transmission.  Credits- .5

Class A   Upon completion students understand the role of the professional Class A driver.  Student drivers hone their skills through classroom and yard work.  Students are required to have a drug test.

Adult Students  for more information please click on the link listed below.